State rep. thankful for primary vote

BRATTLEBORO — Thank you to all the voters of District 2 Brattleboro who came out to the primary election and who voted to support me as their representative in Montpelier for the coming term. I will be running in November, with the support of the Democratic Party and the Progressive Party and with an endorsement from Bernie Sanders.

I love our town; I know the district where I live and work very well. I am always eager to listen to your opinions and concerns, and I stand ready to help you solve problems - especially problems for which state government could offer assistance. My phone number is 802-257-4844 and my email is [email protected].

For the past eight years in the Vermont House, I've worked collaboratively with representatives from all parties. My concern has been to improve the lives of my constituents and to bring integrity to my service on your behalf. I've chosen to focus on areas of importance to us all: transportation, livable communities, walkable streets for people of all ages and abilities, working lands, support for women's economic opportunities, and a sustainable state budget.

The general election in November will be historic. Everyone's participation is crucial to our democracy. This year we'll be choosing a new U.S. president, along with a new governor and lieutenant governor. Our local elections are equally important; I will be out and about in the neighborhoods of District 2 to talk with residents about my priorities and to listen to yours.

Remember that the general election, on Nov. 8, will be held in a different place: the VFW on Putney Road. Early voting starts on Sept. 23. Please explore the options of early voting and absentee ballots for yourself this year.

You can vote directly into the voting machine at the Town Clerk's office, thanks to a charter change made by the Legislature this past session. Or you can call the Town Clerk's office to request that an absentee ballot be sent to you, which you can return by mail or in person. Call the Brattleboro Town Clerk at 802-251-8157.

Don't be left out of this election!

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