Submissions about trains sought for poetry, dance event

BRATTLEBORO — To help celebrate the 100th birthday of Union Station, Write Action, a Brattleboro based organization that seeks to “encourage, nurture, and promote the literary arts” is sending out a call for poetry whose subject is trains or train travel.

The poem should be original and written by the submitter, according to a news release.

Dancers from SoBo Dance Studio, led by Cyndal Ellis, will choose a group of poems from the submissions and choreograph dances to them.

On the evening of Oct. 21, Write Action, in collaboration with SoBo, will present an evening of poetry and dance around the theme of “trains,” to take place at what was once Union Station and now is the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center.

Poems not chosen for dances may also be read at the event.

Submit your poem by Aug. 25 via email to [email protected], or by U.S. Mail to Write Action, P.O. Box 822, Brattleboro, VT 05302.

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