Voting is not enough; direct action is needed

DUMMERSTON — If you live in Vermont, you can vote for president, governor, and other politicians any time between now and Nov. 7 at your town office. You can also vote by mail now, or at a polling place on Nov. 8.

The most important thing the governor and Vermont legislature do is protect farmland and forestland from development. The U.S. is losing an average of 6,000 acres of open space every day, according to www.tpl.org/ourland. The pavers are busy in Vermont.

The previous governor, a Republican, tried to eliminate funding for land protection altogether. The current governor has done better, but not nearly well enough.

Based on their records, it seems clear that as governor, Sue Minter would do far more to protect open space than her opponent, Phil Scott, would do.

People in Windham County should vote to re-elect senators Jeanette White and Becca Balint. Residents of Dummerston, Putney, and Westminster should vote to re-elect representatives David Deen and Mike Mrowicki.

But voting is not enough; direct action (civil disobedience, marches, and rallies) is required.

Anyone interested can contact me by phone at 802-254-2531 or by email at [email protected].

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