Questioning authority vs. toeing the line

WESTMINSTER — 1. Never did I mean to imply that my being ejected from the Retreat grounds during Strolling of the Heifers was “unjust” - only overkill. Nor did I put anyone but myself in any remote situation of “danger,” and I do that every time I walk into my own woodshed, mow my lawn, or walk down Main Street.

2. My actions had nothing to do with my association with Write Action. Being associated with a group of people does not mean that group dictates your personal behavior.

3. There are those of us who feel a responsibility to “question authority,” while there are others who follow each and every rule.

Both are necessary to maintain a healthy community: to avoid the development of tyranny on one hand and to promote stability on the other.

While I am a questioner, I applaud Mr. Coughlin-Galbraith's conviction to toe the line.

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