Dummerston Cares reorganizes, seeks volunteers

DUMMERSTON — Dummerston Cares has reorganized and is now an incorporated nonprofit under the laws of the state of Vermont. It has bylaws, a board, officers, and tax exempt status, according to a news release.

Board members are Ruth Barton (802-254-1128), Susan Daigler, secretary (802-257-4200), Akara Draper (802-258-5890), Bill Johnson, vice president (802-257-1020), Bill Schmidt, president (802-257-0233), and John Wilcox, treasurer (802-257-0674).

In the reorganization, Dummerston Cares' mission has been expanded to serve all Dummerston residents by supporting those with health and other wellness needs through services, programs, and resources provided directly or in collaboration with related local, regional, and state organizations and agencies.

Additional services and programs under consideration include friendly visitors, medical equipment loans, medical assistance through a community nurse, home maintenance chores assistance, end-of-life planning, and social and recreational programs for seniors. Town residents with an interest in any of these or other possible services and programs are encouraged to talk to a board member.

The nonprofit needs volunteers to assist in organizing and carrying out Cares programs and services. Specific requests for volunteers will be made for services and programs as they develop. One immediate need is for several volunteers to take residents to medical appointments.

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