Warm weather yields to cool rains ... and snow?

Good day to you, fine denizens of Windham County - I come with meteorological news of varying shapes, sizes, conditions, and temperatures. We've got the potential for quite a variety over the next seven days, so let's jump into the fray together, shall we?

The wide view is that we're going to be saying goodbye to the anomalous warmth we've seen over the past couple of days. In its stead, we'll be firmly reminded (and to some, reprimanded) by Mother Nature as to exactly which season we're living through as we move into next week.

Cooler weather, periods of rain, and even some snow showers for the higher terrain are in the atmospheric tea leaves as of this writing.

To the dailies!

* * *

For Wednesday, we've got another warm day to enjoy with partly sunny skies and highs in the low 70s near the Connecticut River and 60s in the higher terrain. Lows will dip into the 40s with increasing clouds.

For Thursday, we'll have a front to our south and a wave of low pressure riding east along it. Meanwhile, another cold front will be draped over the Great Lakes and pushing east, with low pressure developing along it as well. This should set the stage for a couple of pulses of rainfall, first Thursday morning with more substantial rain possible Thursday evening and night. Highs near 60 degrees.

By Friday, a warm front may nose through the region briefly, allowing high temperatures to rise into the 60s. However, this warmth should be short-lived, as a large trough will enter the eastern U.S. with low pressure racing from the Gulf of Mexico into the Ohio Valley.

This should bring another bout of rainfall Friday and Friday night, which may be enhanced by a tropical feed up the East Coast. At the moment, the tropical infusion should miss us to the east. Regardless, Thursday and Friday look showery at the least, and quite rainy at the most.

* * *

By the weekend, we snap back to autumn with highs near 50 Saturday under partly sunny skies with a chance of a shower, and then highs only in the 40s from Sunday well into next week. Sunday looks quite windy with gusts out of the northwest as cold Canadian air pours down.

In addition, another wave may move through the region and induce snow showers to break out over the high terrain Sunday night into Monday.

Never a dull moment in New England!

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