Clown comedy opens Friday at NEYT

BRATTLEBORO — How does a clown learn to juggle? Sometimes, it's with the help of another clown.

Area clowns have gathered to create “Clowns in a Joke Factory,” which opens Friday, Oct. 28, and runs for two consecutive weekends at the New England Youth Theatre, according to a news release.

Led by NEYT founder Stephen Stearns, clowns including acrobat-stunt-man Bill Forchion, mime Chris Yerlig, street juggler Tom Yahner, and performance artist Kali Quinn have worked with 16 up-and-coming clowns to create an original play filled with gags, stunts, tricks and more. The youngest NEYT actors who participated in Amy Majer's Page to Stage class will also make an appearance on stage.

What can happen in a factory where a “pie in the face” comes with the job, every floor is waxed, and every step lands on a banana peel? The answer: anything except the expected.

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