Finally a licensed forester thanks to White

DUMMERSTON — Earlier this year, when I needed Jeanette White, she was there for me - just as she has been in the past.

She graciously agreed to meet with me, and she carefully listened to my concerns. This time, I hoped that she would support a proposal to - finally - license forestry professionals in Vermont.

This bill was heading to the committee she chairs, the Senate Committee on Government Operations. She encouraged me to testify in the Senate. (I had never done so before.)

When I arrived in Montpelier, she very warmly greeted me. I watched as she sat at the head of the table, listening to all sides of the issue.

In the end, the committee did send the legislation on to the full house, where it was approved.

White's fine work and dedication to her constituents is a key reason that, after 38 years, I'm finally a licensed forester in Vermont.

I look forward to Jeanette White continuing to represent all of us in Windham County.

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