Moran: a people’s candidate

MARLBORO — Capitalism is the servant of democracy, not her master.

I'm writing to support the election of my colleague and friend John Moran.

Nationally and locally, issues such as income disparity, livable wages, and the right to affordable health care have finally entered the dialogue, thanks to Bernie Sanders' run for the presidency.

But John Moran was already pushing issues of fairness and equity in his previous eight years in the House of Representatives. He is the right person to represent Vermonters as we discuss these issues in the coming terms.

Contrary to what the 1 percent envision, as a nation and a state we are all better off when our democracy supports some degree of a social safety net. We do not each have an equal opportunity to engage in purely capitalistic competition, and pretending we do has led to standards of living in the United States that are not tolerated in Canada and Europe. Vermont can do better.

Worker protections, health care, paid sick leave, and other benefits give the true creators of our economy (waitstaff, home-health providers, domestic help, ski-lift operators) the resources necessary for full and productive lives. John Moran supports this.

Job creation through infrastructure expansion will boost Vermont's economy by employing workers in the state to enhance our transportation, energy, and telecommunications infrastructure that will in turn attract businesses with well-paying jobs to our state. John Moran supports this.

To promote the American promise, we must provide public safety, social services, and cultural opportunities available to all Vermonters through equitable, progressive taxation. John Moran supports this.

John Moran has always been a people's candidate. He campaigns door to door. He has worked for decades in the mental-health field. He has worked for the creation of unions to fairly represent workers.

If you want all Vermonters to thrive, vote for John Moran.

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