Rhetoric from GunSense VT: deceitful, reprehensible, and untrue

WESTMINSTER WEST — Let's get a few things straight.

Vermont is the safest state in the nation with the lowest violent-crime rate in 2013, 2014, and 2015, according to FBI statistics - the same years that GunSense VT has pushed its gun control agenda!

Contrary to the rhetoric of its executive director, Ann Braden, nothing about Vermont is “dangerously out of whack,” except GunSense VT's constant barrage of disparaging comments about Vermont and lies about Vermont gun owners.

Her constant wailing about how dangerous Vermont is and how dangerous gun owners are, is deceitful, reprehensible, and untrue.

She lies about the facts, lies about the statistics, lies about gun owners, lies about her organization's anti-gun goals, lies about its leadership, lies about its ties to national organizations, and lies about the source of its money.

There is no such thing as “gun violence prevention,” there is only legislation that targets the constitutional rights of Vermonters.

Then she lies about the people defending the rights of Vermonters and calls them “the gun lobby.”

Lobbyists get paid. Eddie Cutler, Bob DePino, and Bonnie DePino do not get paid. The Gun Owners of Vermont defend Vermonters for free, on our time, with our resources.

Ann Braden and the leadership of GunSense VT gets paid to constantly attack the constitutional rights of Vermonters. They are the only “gun lobby” in Vermont, an “anti-gun lobby” supported by Moms Demand Action, and Everytown for Gun Safety - both Michael Bloomberg–funded anti-gun groups.

When anyone dares to reply to her organization's outrageous posts, they are called “bullies,” “unreasonable,” “extremists,” and “threatening.”

Funny, we aren't the ones attacking the rights of Vermonters - GunSense and its faceless members are.

Ann Braden thinks that politicians who beat law-abiding citizens into submission are “courageous,” but I have a different word: “Statists.”

Why does Ann Braden constantly attack the people that defend the rights of Vermonters?

Because it is her job.

Nov. 8 is the most important day in Vermont history.

Go to gunownersofvermont.org and click on the “Quick link to the 2016 Campaign Report” to view all the candidates across the state and their respective stances on firearm rights in Vermont.

The anti-gun lobby is terrified that their anti-rights super-majority is about to come crashing down.

Let's make that come true by electing Eddie Cutler and Bonnie DePino to the Vermont House of Representatives from Windham-4.

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