We sent the postcard calling for ‘no’ vote on consolidation

WESTMINSTER — Westminster voters received a postcard at the end of last week which addresses the upcoming vote on school district consolidation and urges voters to vote no. The postcard is signed by the group “Local Communities for Local Schools.”

Together with more than two dozen people from Brattleboro, Vernon, Dummerston, Guilford, Marlboro, Westminster, Putney, and Wardsboro, I am a member of this group.

Our group was formed over six months ago by citizens concerned about the potential side effects of consolidation: the weakening of the community/school connection, the loss of the school portion of town meeting, the loss of school choice, and the reduced ability of voters to affect their school programs and budgets.

We have created a website, infoACT46.org, where voters can learn more about our efforts and why one might wish to vote no on the ballot on Tuesday, March 7 (or later in the spring for the Windham Southeast towns).

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