Children’s Literacy Foundation makes donation to Westminster West Library

WESTMINSTER WEST — On Thursday, May 11, the children of the Westminster Schools, the Marigold Mornings Preschool Program, and the area's homeschooled children will be treated to a storytelling event from Duncan McDougall and will be given brand-new books to keep.

This event is sponsored by the Children's Literacy Foundation (CLiF) through a grant won by the Westminster West Public Library with the help of the Community Education Support Committee of the Westminster Community School Board.

According to a news release, there will be three events on this day, one at the Westminster West School for the K/1 students, one at the library for the preschool aged children and local home school students, and one at the Westminster Center School for the children in grades 2-6.

McDougall, a renowned storyteller and a favorite among children, founded CLiF in 1998 and has since given hundreds of literacy presentations to children and parents throughout New Hampshire and Vermont.

His vision and leadership have helped CLiF mature into an organization that has inspired thousands of low-income, at-risk, and rural children and given millions of dollars worth of brand-new books to children and struggling communities.

The CLiF grant allowed the Westminster West Library to select $2,000 worth of new books for the library's children's collection. The school library got $500 worth of books, and all children attending the event will be able to choose and bring home a free book.

Westminster West Public Library says it is proud to be selected for this year's award - and that all persons, regardless of their place of residence, may obtain a library card by coming in and signing up at the front desk, free of charge.

For more information about this and future events, contact Librarian Lise Cavanaugh at Westminster West Public Library at 802-387-4682.

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