NECCA controversy conjures memories of ReNew

BRATTLEBORO — While a nonprofit organization has a board of directors to oversee the best interest and growth of its organization, I am worried and concerned because the board of the New England Center for Circus Arts chose to remove the artistic directors, who were also founders of NECCA.

This event reminds me of the experience of ReNew Building Materials and Salvage, a very useful and financially sustainable, environmentally friendly business for recycling and reusing building materials that some might remember from our recent past.

ReNew went out of business months after its board of directors removed the founder of the organization from his role as director. Some people in the greater Brattleboro community still mourn its loss, including those of us 99-percenters who cannot afford new prices for home repairs and remodels. In those days of ReNew's business, we could fix our homes when needed.

NECCA is housed on the property next to where ReNew was. Is there a connection?

Another consumer wonders aloud, “Why can't Brattleboro keep new businesses?”

Businesses come and go, but few new ones seem to be able to stay. What's up with that?

I trust that all those involved will watch very carefully over NECCA, because it is a beautiful, extraordinary asset to our community with an unusual vision for growth and service.

Some say those who take responsibility are often criticized by those who do not take responsibility. And those who might be critical often do not have the skills, heart, or creativity to do the job of those they criticize.

I trust - and ask - the Divine Choreographer will keep Her Hand in the doings and unfoldings of the future of NECCA, especially at this time of such shocking news. Our grateful hearts swell with prayers and best wishes for the artists of vision, Elsie Smith and Serenity Smith Forchion, for their extraordinary work and dedication, love, and commitment.

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