Obamacare left me facing financial ruin

I read with interest Nancy Braus's misguided letter about health care and had questions I would love answered.

Obamacare was passed on the promise that (and I quote Mr. Obama and others): “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan!” and then it turned out we could not keep our plan because some bureaucrat deemed it inadequate, even if it met our needs. Why take from us what we had and what worked for us as individuals with different needs?

Deductibles increased, as did premiums despite promises from Obama and others that premiums would decrease. Why the lie, and whom did that help?

If you could not afford the increased premiums and deductibles of Obamacare? Well, the Democrats unleashed the mad dogs of the Internal Revenue Service on everyone who failed to (or could not) comply.

Was this the Democrat way - forcing everyone, through fear and intimidation from the IRS, to purchase something they may not be able to afford?

Because of Obamacare and its increased premiums and lack of coverage, I am facing financial ruin because I must pay almost all of my medical expenses out of pocket. I am not alone. Why is this legislation defended as something that must remain in effect?

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