Putney briefs

Selectboard sets tax rate

PUTNEY — PUTNEY - The Selectboard set the 2017 municipal tax rate at the July 5 regular Board meeting.

The general fund rate is 0.3953, which is about four cents higher than last year's rate. The highway fund is up by about one cent; this year's rate is 0.3123.

The local education agreement went down slightly, to .0086. The residential education rate decreased by about 10 cents from last year, to 1.6436.

The non-residential education rate, which went down by about 3.5 cents, is 1.418.

Town Manager Cynthia Stoddard noted the Grand List increased by about $2.3 million over last year, “which was pretty significant,” she said.

The reason for the gain is that in previous years, some properties were considered “incomplete” because of zoning, but this year those issues were resolved. But because the Fiscal Year 2018 municipal budget went up, “it doesn't help the tax rate much,” Stoddard said.

Let the paving begin

PUTNEY - At the recommendation of Town Manager Cynthia Stoddard and Highway Superintendent Brian Harlow, the Selectboard awarded a paving project to Springfield Paving at the July 5 regular Board meeting.

Springfield Paving's bid, for $94,232.50, covers approximately 2.3 miles of paving on West Hill Road. The bid was the lowest of the three that the town received.

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