Pedestrian safety at crosswalks paramount

DUMMERSTON — On Oct. 4, a woman was hit by a truck while she was walking across Putney Road in Brattleboro between Hannaford and Martin's Fireside True Value hardware store. She was taken to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

There is no crosswalk at this intersection, though it is frequently used by pedestrians. On a per-capita basis, Brattleboro has the nation's highest pedestrian-death-by-vehicle rate, according to www.LocalMotion.org.

Please contact our state senators - Jeanette White (phone 802-387-4379 or [email protected]) and Becca Balint (802-257-4162 or [email protected]) - and ask them to urge the state to install a crosswalk and pedestrian-crossing signal at this and all the intersections on Putney Road. A continuous sidewalk must also be installed on the entire length of this road. Please also contact your state representatives.

More information on these and other life-saving changes is available from Local Motion. The state has been promising these changes for at least a decade. They need to happen now.

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