Let all the ‘Lucy’ voices be heard

After reading this piece belatedly, I wanted to visit “Lucy Speaks” in the mobile unit in front of Key Bank on Main Street. Occasionally, we happen to be in Brattleboro around the time of your annual Literary Festival. Not this year, unfortunately.

Carbone's political map statement really caught my eye: “all of its red counties and blue islands....” How succinctly that phrase covers our present political divide, no matter where one lives and votes.

Hopefully, “People, Places, and History of Words in Brattleboro” through the life of Lucy Terry Prince and her words will help the blue islands in red counties to understand each other better. We have to start somewhere.

Summer in Maine and winter in South Carolina both bring the political divide right, front, and center in our daily lives. Perhaps the next elections will offer better choices and less divisive rhetoric. Let Lucy's literary bent be more pervasive in our political discourse.

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