It’s not about control

WESTMINSTER — I wish reporters could stop using the term “local control” in reference to school governance and the interests expressed by citizens, such as in the resounding defeat of the Act 46 merger proposal in WSESU. I think what Vermonters want is less about control than it is about local input and preservation of our long tradition of participatory democracy.

“Local control” can sound self-serving and small-minded. Yes, we are against centralized control that consolidates power in the hands of “experts” and farther away from the collective wisdom of parents, teachers, and taxpayers.

I believe the merger vote reflected the strongly held desire for citizen participation in having local input in the important decisions affecting them and our communities.

At a time when we can feel so powerless about so much going on in the world, it is important we hold on to our local democratic opportunities that can help bring our communities together.

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