When it’s a privilege to help

When it’s a privilege to help

NEYT youth, Flat Street neighbors step up to help the Lynde family in their time of need

BRATTLEBORO — The compassion demonstrated by our town for Stanley Lynde and Laura D'Angelo has been extraordinary.

If anyone ever doubts that Brattleboro is indeed part of the Charter for Compassion and has internalized its spirit, all that person has to do is look at the town's response to Stanley and Laura's terrible accident and Stanley's subsequent death - including the unparalleled financial support covering medical costs: more than 900 people contributing over $90,000.

The New England Youth Theatre mentors felt privileged to be able to join in this support. These 13-to-19-year-olds are a leadership group within the Youth Theatre - about 30 of them - who seek to strengthen NEYT's collaborative spirit through leadership, responsibility, and exemplary guidance.

Twice a year, the mentors put on a cabaret that raises money for a worthy cause: either for people in need, or a cause on which the mentors agree.

Since Stanley and Laura have been neighbors of NEYT for many years, the mentors quickly decided to donate the recently raised proceeds to the Lyndes' medical support fund. The mentors also asked the younger kids, then rehearsing for our fall play Clowntown, to deliver a card and a set of paper flowers donated by our other neighbors at Cultural Intrigue.

All of the bikers hanging out that day at Stanley's shop eagerly welcomed the children as they decorated the shop with the flowers and delivered the card.

Flat Street, as we know, can be a complicated street. But we have always felt that our youth are looked after by the folks at Stanley's. And when we had to move our big circus tent, the guys came over and helped.

It is hard to imagine that shop without the guys there. The love surrounding that place is simply ineffable, and it will forever symbolize this town's feelings for Stanley and Laura.

* * *

Let me close with some words from a 17-year-old NEYT mentor on the day of Stanley's death:

“I first heard about Stanley and Laura's accident through our NEYT Mentor Group page. I had walked past their building on Flat Street almost every day for years on my way to rehearsals.

“This summer, as my little sister and I walked to the theater, we were always greeted there by kind smiles and cheerful good-mornings. Once the news had been posted on our page, all of us mentors knew immediately we had to help.

“Now just today, we learned that Stanley has died. We are heartbroken. Our neighborhood will never be the same.”

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