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Hatcher resigns, Dowling named chair

NEWFANE — NEWFANE - Selectboard Vice-Chair Gary Delius announced Chair Carol Hatcher's resignation from the Board at the Dec. 4 regular meeting.

Delius said Hatcher sent a resignation letter to each Board member, but she didn't want it read publicly. He said Hatcher quit the Board “for a number of reasons, mainly health and stress, and she needs to be looking at other things in her life.”

The Selectboard accepted Hatcher's resignation.

Delius noted the “passion [Hatcher] put into what she was trying to accomplish” as a Selectboard member. “She set us on the right path to things that had been overlooked for a number of year,” Delius added.

Board member Marion Dowling said she wished Hatcher would reconsider.

The Selectboard must appoint someone to fill the vacancy left by Hatcher's departure. The term lasts for three months, until the next Town Meeting. Interested parties may contact Administrative Assistant Shannon Meckle at the Town Offices.

Traditionally, when a Selectboard chairperson vacates their position, the vice-chair assumes it. But Delius explained he cannot do so because personal matters take him out of town until April. Although he will participate in Selectboard meetings through Skype, he can't lead the meetings.

Board member Mike Fitzpatrick nominated Dowling to the role of chairperson. The motion passed, 4-0.

River Road bridge open to traffic

NEWFANE - Workers completed repairs to the River Road bridge in early December and the road is open again to vehicular traffic.

Earlier this year, Vermont Agency of Transportation inspectors decreased the load limit on the bridge because of rotting I-beams.

“For all the citizens who have been worried about, and concerned about, and wanting to cross the River Road bridge, you may now do so,” said Selectboard Vice-Chair Gary Delius at the Dec. 4 regular Board meeting.

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