Arctic air arrives, and will stick around for the start of the new year

Good day, and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

The Arctic has been unleashed into southern Vermont. Actually, thanks to a large ridge of high pressure over Alaska and northwestern North America, a “cross-polar” flow has been established.

This flow is pulling frigid Siberian air over the North Pole and down into New England. So say hello to Siberia! Actually, you'll be saying hello to it for the entire week, so with that, let's jump into the daily details.

For Wednesday, the cold continues to drain into the region. Luckily, we will enjoy abundant sunshine through much of the upcoming week, though it won't help us in the temperature department. Despite a plethora of solar rays, highs will only be in the low teens at best.

A reinforcing but dry cold frontal passage will move through Wednesday evening and temperatures will plummet. With lows in the single digits below zero, and winds kicking up a bit behind the front, Wind Chill Advisories may be posted, so bundle up!

For Thursday, the heart of this cold blast moves in with breezy conditions. Highs will only be in the single digits above zero with sunshine and wind chill readings below zero. Lows Thursday night will crash to near 10 degrees below zero!

On Friday, we'll have a repeat of Thursday with highs in the single digits and lows below zero again. Skies should be more cloud covered, but with plenty of sunny breaks.

It is on Saturday that we will have to pay most attention during the upcoming week. A storm embedded in the southern U.S. jet stream flow will be traveling east along the southern U.S.

If this system hooks up with a northern stream system near the eastern Great Lakes, it could be directed up the East cCoast and deliver a substantial snowstorm for Saturday and Saturday night.

There will be plenty of cold air, so a rain/snow line would not be a consideration. Highs will be near 10 degrees with mostly cloudy skies.

Sunday looks sunny and cold with highs in the single digits, and New Year's Eve looks to be brutally cold with temps near zero by the time the clock strikes midnight, so bundle up, party-goers!

Cold temperatures will last into early next week as well. Have a great week!

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