Spineless Democrats sold out over DACA

PUTNEY — Since the terrible disaster of the 2016 election, like so many others, I have been in a quandary about my level of engagement with the Democratic party. Well, the recent complete cave-in to the forces of evil have renewed my strong feelings about not ever being a Democrat.

The Democrats gave away the store to the Trump administration, selling out 800,000 young people who have been busy making this a better country.

These Democrats have proved that they are a new evolutionary species: they walk on two legs, yet have absolutely no backbone. The Republicans now know they can walk all over these same Democrats, giving them hollow and false promises that they will fix DACA. What will they fall for next?

These are the same liars who promised Republican senators Jeff Flake and Susan Collins that, in exchange for their votes for the corporate tax cut, there would be a fix for DACA in January. It hasn't happened, and I believe they have no intention of allowing these young people to stay and enrich our country.

Why do Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and these other sellouts who voted to reopen the government with nothing gained think that the Republicans will come through?

With deportations at an all-time high, the Republican party and Trump appear to bend the curve that was moving this country toward a majority-minority population, making their party and their racist base ever more relevant. I see ethnic cleansing: an attempt to stem the increase in brown-skinned Americans.

The criminal separation of families. The refusal of the administration to give so many a day in court before sending some people back to countries of origin, where their lives are endangered. The rollback of acceptance of refugees who are at high risk. The racially charged language of the current government. All point to a policy direction that I would like to see the Democrats actually calling by its name and fighting every day.

Bernie Sanders has been speaking out tirelessly against these policies and for justice. I guess that independence is where my loyalty will remain.

This is a terrifying time in this country. We need to be powerful and stick together, not throw the DACA young people under the bus for probably false assurances that the adults in power care one whit for their future.

I am hopeful that things will improve after the 2018 election, but that would require the Democrats to stand up with independent progressives and be counted in the work for fairness, compassion, and a better future.

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