Restore funding for farmland protection in Dummerston

DUMMERSTON — I urge Dummerston residents to come to Town Meeting and vote to restore the town's annual investment in farmland protection to $5,000.

The world's leading scientists say climate change is a major threat to Earth's ability to support human life. Cars are a major cause of climate change.

Protecting open space is one of the best ways to stop climate change. When people live in areas like downtown Brattleboro and Putney, they can get to work, to school, and to shopping without a car.

The U.S. is losing about 6,000 acres of open space every day. The number of houses in Dummerston has gone from about 300 in 1960 to about 800 today. Hundreds of acres of farmland in Dummerston are vulnerable to being paved.

The good news is we have already saved two Dummerston farms, thanks to the Farmland Protection Fund. For more information, please call me at 802-254-2531 or email me at [email protected].

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