Held hostage by the rights of a bullying minority

BRATTLEBORO — Bob DePino writes with great certainty, cloudy judgment, and misguided arrogance about what won't stop the next school shooting.

He tells us that background checks, safe locking, raising the legal age, getting restraining orders, and everything else we might do in the future will be ineffective.

Instead, he offers to arm teachers in Vermont - like me.

Only someone whose views on gun reform are perverted would suggest that more guns in schools will keep our children safe.

I'm sick of the paranoia and misinformation of NRA-speak in this debate. If Vermonters could wrestle themselves out of the gridlock provided by the Second Amendment misinterpreters and enact some of the suggestions that Mr. DePino tells us won't work, we might see the fruits of these commonsense laws in the future.

Until that day, we are all being held hostage by the so-called “rights” of a bullying minority.

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