Town Election Roundup


Voters cast 328 ballots on March 6, according to results supplied by Town Clerk Laurie Frechette.

All Selectboard seats were uncontested. Newcomer Rachel Glickman won the two-year seat with 280 votes. Longtime Chairperson Zeke Goodband garnered 296 votes for the three-year seat. Maria Glabach, who was appointed to fill her late-husband's seat upon his death in October, was elected to a one-year seat with 281 votes.

Elected School Directors include Susan Meggiolaro, who received 274 votes for the three-year term; Kristina Naylor and Emily Evans, who will both serve for one year; and Jody Normandeau, who got 188 votes and will serve the remaining year of a three-year seat.


Town Clerk Penny Marine reports there were 319 ballots cast on Town Meeting Day.

Incumbent Selectboard members Sheila Morse and Gordon Little won their uncontested races. Morse received 196 votes for the three-year term, and Little took the two-year seat with 236 votes.

Kelly M. Young, who ran unopposed, received 276 votes for the three-year School Director office. Melissa Foster and Brian Robinson will serve the remaining year of a three-year School Director seat.

The three-year BUHS #6 School Director seat went to Shaun Murphy, who received 286 votes and ran unopposed.


Emily Long won the three-year Leland & Gray School Director seat, and Lindsey Bertram, a write-in candidate, was elected to a four-year Unified School Director position, according to information supplied by Town Clerk Carol Hesselbach.

All the Selectboard races were uncontested and sought by incumbents. Marion Dowling won the three-year term with 166 votes. The winners of the two one-year seats were Shelly Huber - who was appointed last year to complete Carol Hatcher's term upon her resignation - who received 157 votes, and Chris Williams, who got 134 votes.

Long-time Lister Doris Knechtel, who tried to retire at the end of her term on March 7 after serving the town for 27 years, was re-elected in a successful write-in campaign. According to Administrative Assistant Shannon Meckle, Knechtel accepted.


Articles 3 and 4, which asked voters to authorize the Selectboard to appoint the town clerk and treasurer, passed by a wide margin. Article 3, for the town clerk, received 76 “no” and 216 “yes” votes. Article 4, for the treasurer position, received 75 votes opposing, and 219 votes in favor.

After long-time Selectboard member Scott Henry decided not to run, newcomer Laura Chapman ran unopposed for the three-year seat, which she won with 271 votes.

All candidates for School Director offices ran unopposed. Sergio Simunovic won 258 votes for the three-year seat; Timothy S. Morris and Emily Pals were both elected to one-year terms; and Anne Beekman received 259 votes for the three-year Union School Director office.


Of 1,778 people on the voter checklist, 280 cast their ballots on March 6, according to Town Clerk Tim Arsenault.

All Selectboard and School Board candidates ran unopposed. On the Selectboard slate, Josh Unruh won the three-year seat with 191 votes and Chris Parker, running for a two-year term, received 210 votes.

School Board incumbents Michael Hebert won the three-year position with 223 votes and Sandy Morrison received 256 votes for the two-year seat.

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