Vernon enters into agreement with NorthStar

Selectboard: Multipart deal solidifies partnership

VERNON — The Vernon Selectboard has entered into an agreement with Northstar Group Services, Inc. that will protect the town's interest during the process of decommissioning at the Vermont Yankee site.

“This is an important step in securing a positive future for our residents,” Selectboard Chair Joshua Unruh said in a news release. “We have built a new relationship with Northstar and we look forward to a mutually beneficial working relationship as the potential sale of the Vermont Yankee site moves into the consideration of the Public Utility Commission.”

Part of the agreement includes some reimbursement for professional services retained by the town, evaluation and repair of roads, retention of onsite infrastructure that could benefit future development, a promise to consider local businesses and resources during the decommissioning process, granting future riverfront access, and a commitment to renegotiate the current tax stabilization agreement for the site at a level comparable to current funding for the duration of the decommissioning.

Northstar CEO Scott State said he and his company have been working with local officials throughout the process.

“NorthStar is pleased that we were able to come to a mutually acceptable and beneficial agreement with the town on issues important to both the people of Vernon and NorthStar.” State said in a news release. “We look forward to further building our relationship with the town as we continue to seek final regulatory approvals and begin decommissioning [the plant.]”

“This agreement is fair to both parties,” Unruh said. “It gives Vernon some long-term stability and solidifies our partnership with NorthStar into the near future. The Selectboard worked hard to bring this agreement to a mutually beneficial conclusion and we are happy with the outcome.”

Unruh adds that future discussions with Northstar will aim toward stabilizing tax contributions to the town over the course of decommissioning.

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