Wilmington residents are asked for ideas for proposed community center

WILMINGTON — As townspeople filed into Wilmington's Town Meeting on March 6, they were asked to give a penny for their thoughts about the Old School Enrichment Community Center.

According to a news release, OSEC asked adults and children what they would like to see at the Community Center at the former Wilmington High School. They were asked to place up to five pennies in jars labeled with different offerings. More than 85 people participated.

Adult education and a fitness center were the top picks, followed in descending order by a community kitchen, general adult recreation, music and art for kids, day care, a community room and business shared spaces/incubator room.

Other activities suggested were a “maker space” for arts and crafts, yoga, social services, adult day care, more kids recreation, yoga, and an indoor walking fitness program.

Townspeople were also asked to fill out cards if they were interested in volunteering for anything from painting to yard work. Nine people stepped forward with others saying they would volunteer in the future.

When asked what a community center could add to the area, people answered that it would supply activities so that people don't have to travel, would give opportunities for intergenerational contact, and would give people a place to meet and interact with others.

One person wrote that a center can give people a sense of ownership in their community.

OSEC says it is actively looking for tenants as it continues to make improvements in the building. Work on the entrance will begin in the spring. The Center is already used daily for pickle ball, indoor soccer, and volleyball and youth sports.

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