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Skatepark nears goal

BRATTLEBORO — BRATTLEBORO - The skatepark planned for Living Memorial Park has almost met its fundraising goal, and a new funding source could help them get there.

Jeff Clark, president of Brattleboro Skatepark is Coming, appeared at the April 17 regular Selectboard meeting to provide an update on the group's progress.

Clark first thanked the community for their support, and he mentioned the unexpected extra funding from Representative Town Meeting.

According to information BASIC received from the Tony Hawk Foundation on the cost of building a skatepark, which includes a 15 percent contingency, the group needs $230,000, or $46.50 per square foot for the 5,000-square-foot facility.

So far, Clark said, BASIC has received $104,896 in individual and corporate donations, including $60,000 from RTM, $35,000 in pledges, and $30,400 in grants, for a total of $170,296.

They still need to raise $60,000, he said.

BASIC recently received confirmation of a $15,000 matching grant from the Tarrant Foundation. To double that money, BASIC is working on a series of other grants, and other groups are hosting fundraising events to support the skatepark.

“It's an exciting time for our group,” said Clark, who promised the town “a great facility.”

Selectboard member Brandie Starr told Clark to expect her there, not as a spectator but as an attendee - she and her five-year-old child plan to learn to skate together.

Brattleboro ladder truck is coming

BRATTLEBORO - The Brattleboro Fire Department is one step closer to receiving their new aerial ladder truck.

At the April 17 regular Selectboard meeting, the Board voted to authorize municipal staff to order the apparatus a little earlier than originally planned. Representative Town Meeting members approved the $950,000 purchase at their March 21 meeting.

As Town Manager Peter B. Elwell and Fire Chief Michael Buccossi explained, ordering early will save the town money. “Which is always something we want to do,” noted Board Chair Kate O'Connor.

If the town orders the truck after May 1, the price will increase by $26,000 due to steel tariffs going up. The town will save just under $38,000 by paying for the truck before July 15. These actions bring the price of the truck below the authorized amount, to $947,000.

Buccossi said the new aerial ladder truck is very similar to the vehicle his department had to take out of service. “This truck is very well suited to this town,” he said.

Elwell said he and his staff are still collecting information on the bonding banks, and will present financing options to the Selectboard at a future meeting.

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