Early-childhood trauma, inflicted by Trump policies, will cause illness

BRATTLEBORO — Medical research indicates that early trauma, whether physical or emotional, can lead to hypersensitization of the central nervous system - the brain and spinal cord - in later years.

Central sensitization conditions such as fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, and/or migraine cause misery. Early trauma, whether physical or emotional, can also lead to post-traumatic stress syndrome, anxiety attacks, and a multitude of other health ailments that affect not only the children but also our health resources.

How are we impacting these children forcibly separated from their families at the Mexican border?

The current resident of the White House refuses to take responsibility for this human-rights violation, trying to shift the blame to the Democrats. Even Trump's own party leaders have started to object to forcibly separating children from their families, although that is at least partly due to fear of voter backlash in November.

Republicans care about votes. Do they care about the children? Trump insists on building his wall to “protect” some Americans (U.S. citizens) from other Americans (Central and South Americans). These little ones are not rapists and muggers.

Most of these families braved the uncertain travel to the United States in the hope for a better world for their children, as have so many in the past.

On which side of the border does the evil intent reside? Perhaps your ancestors also heeded the call of Lady Liberty. The United States just pulled out of the United Nations Human Rights council, as Trump shifts us closer to the dictators he admires, and further away from our (former?) allies.

What is happening to the soul of America?

Use what power you have. Remember in November.

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