Heart, intent, experience: Vote Mrowicki

DUMMERSTON — I urge voters to re-elect Michael Mrowicki to represent the Windham-4 district in the Vermont House of Representatives. I've had the privilege of knowing Mike since before he first ran for office.

Before moving to Vermont, I spent some time working with the legislature in another state. I saw that campaigning for office and working for constituents after someone has been elected are two different jobs.

I can say without reservation that I have seen Mike work hard at the job of Windham-4 representative to the benefit of his constituents and Vermont in general. Mike provided leadership opposing Act 46 and other initiatives to shift local control to centralized control in Montpelier.

As a Democrat, he has helped resist the chaos of the current White House which is spilling over into Vermont.

Mike has supported efforts to prohibit federal access to our state voter lists as was requested by the president's so-called Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.

He has supported codifying environmental laws that were formerly rules of the Environmental Protection Agency, now being gutted by the national administration - protections previously enforced back to the administration of President Richard Nixon.

He offered on the House floor a bill protecting LGBTQ rights by outlawing conversion therapy. That bill passed unanimously on a voice vote. He also helped pass a bill addressing concerns expressed about systemic racism in Vermont.

I have also seen Mike many times provide individual constituent service. In my opinion, this is one of the most important jobs for an elected official.

If you want a representative who has the best interests of his constituents and the best interests of Vermont in his heart, and someone who has the intent and experience to work for both, then I urge you to consider voting for Michael Mrowicki.

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