Kornheiser: insightful leadership

BRATTLEBORO — I am writing to express my support for Emilie Kornheiser's candidacy for state representative.

I've lived in Vermont for 27 years and in Brattleboro for 21 years. I have been a teacher in this town's public schools for 20 years, and I've been teaching for over 30 years.

I first met Emilie while she was leading a large contingent of townspeople in her role as the Green Street Promise Community Coordinator. I was drawn to her insightful leadership, and I became involved in the formation of the Promise Community largely as a result.

Through Emilie, I learned to look at and to listen to my fellow townspeople more closely. Emilie believes in community, and she actively promotes the connections that develop a strong one.

I contribute to and support Emilie's campaign because I want the politics of Brattleboro and the state to support the communities we live in, and I invite my neighbors to do the same.

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