We can do better than the 'ruling party of shame'

BRATTLEBORO — Melania Trump's wearing a jacket on a hot day with a very clear message painted on the back is probably the most - and perhaps only - truthful statement to come from the White House since she and her husband entered it.

Meanwhile, by quoting the Bible out of context, and thereby changing its meaning, Jeff Sessions displayed his desperation to disguise his guilty conscience for kidnapping children of immigrant asylum seekers.

As Americans, do we need more evidence of criminal wrongdoing to know the time has come? Nazis in the White House of the U.S.A.! Haven't we crossed the line? Isn't it time to rid ourselves of this administration, the Congress, the “ruling party” of shame and to reestablish the values and principles of egalitarian cooperation?

May we all find the courage to do the thing we are called to do for the greater good of the whole. We are one whole world, after all.

Democracy will never be seen the same way again. Let us hope we are moving into an improved upgrade, where all people are valued and cared for.

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