Impressed — and inspired — by Hashim

PUTNEY — I'm proud that Putney, Dummerston, and Westminster have three excellent candidates in the upcoming primary for state representative for the Windham-4 district.

I'm impressed by all of them. By Nader Hashim, however, I'm not only impressed, I am inspired. Here's why.

I believe it will take a generation or two for the United States to undo the damage being done by Trumpism. In Nader, we have the chance to invest in future generations of Vermont leadership, and in a promising young candidate who has the potential to represent Vermont on the national stage.

When I recently met with Nader to decide if I would volunteer for his campaign, I was reminded of the young Barack Obama as he was when a community organizer with a vision of going someday to Washington.

As a state trooper, Nader speaks out about why ICE needs to be replaced by a just system on our borders. He speaks with empathy of the underrepresented and marginalized citizens of Vermont he has come to know doing his work as a police officer. His experiences have shaped him significantly, and his exposure to different demographics of Vermonters provides him with a unique perspective.

Nader's experience serving our communities and his credentials as a political science graduate of Clark University make him the ideal candidate as we seek emerging leadership on the local, state, and national levels.

I believe a vote for Nader Hashim is not only a vote for the future of Vermont but also a vote for long-term strategic antidotes to our national crisis. Please join me in voting for him on Aug. 14.

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