Putney Democrats take stands on issues

Be it resolved that the Putney Democrats implore President Trump to do everything in his power to reunite families that have been separated at the southern border as they seek asylum in the United States. While the practice of family separation has officially halted, there are still thousands of families that are separated, and this needs to stop immediately. We call upon President Trump and each and every member of Congress to do the work necessary to bring families back together.

Be it resolved that the Putney Democrats stand in solidarity with the Union Nurses at the University of Vermont who recently went on strike due to low wage levels and difficult working conditions. We ask the UVM management to take seriously the conditions that the striking nurses put forth.

As more families struggle economically, we support labor despite ongoing efforts nationwide to disrupt union activities, and we stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in unions.

Be it resolved that the Putney Democrats stand in solidarity with the staff members of the Brattleboro Retreat who are picketing against extreme schedule changes and lack of appropriate communication from administrators prior to implementing these schedule changes. Clear communication and rapport is essential between administrators and staff in any organization, and the blatant disregard of this vital tenet of an effective workplace must be addressed and changed.

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