As a business owner, I will be voting for Emilie Kornheiser

BRATTLEBORO — I will be voting for Emilie Kornheiser to represent me in Montpelier. At the heart of Emilie's platform is the idea that we all do better when we see ourselves as part of a community, instead of in isolation. I believe that Emilie is right.

As a business owner, I recognize that my employees' challenges are my challenges. People who have a sense of stability in their lives are able to make it to work, and perform better when they are there. Access to affordable healthcare and childcare, sick and family paid leave time, and a decent base wage all help create that stability. The more we can do to support these fundamental needs, the more our workforce and economy can thrive.

Emilie has the vision, drive and experience that will help transform these values into practical legislation that will benefit all of us, together.

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