Hashim: an original and needed voice

PUTNEY — Since my first meeting with Nader Hashim, I have been excited about his candidacy in the race to represent the district covering Dummerston, Putney, and Westminster. He brings an original voice to our community and a needed voice for the Legislature.

Nader is a young officer with the Vermont State Police who has a strong commitment to criminal-justice reform. He has been with the police for seven years, and is ready to take what he has learned firsthand about the necessity for fair and just policing practices to the state as a legislator.

I have found Nader very open to conversation about my priorities regarding a serious approach to the environmental crisis we face, and I believe that he would bring that excitement about the potential to serve in the Legislature. I am excited about his youth and perspective as an Iranian-American living in Vermont.

Please remember to come to the polls, or vote early, for the Aug. 14 primaries are low-turnout and won by those who show up.

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