Jerome: State report calls credentials into question

PUTNEY — Democratic candidate for state representative Cindy Jerome features her experience as former executive director of Holton Home (1999–2018) and Bradley House (2015–2018) residential-care homes “running a successful business while serving elders” (campaign flyer): a fiduciary responsibility.

A Vermont Agency of Human Services, Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living, Division of Licensing and Protection, Summary Statement of Deficiencies dated April 25, 2017, required Plan of Correction dated May 26, 2017, and official approval dated June 5, 2017, public records online, states:

“Based on staff interview and record review [Holton Home] has failed to explain to any newly admitted residents, their Resident Rights. [...] The document Resident Rights, provided on admission, lists only 9 of 21 Resident Rights."

Holton Home responded: “The full residents' rights document will be given to every resident upon admission."

“Based on record review and confirmed by staff interview [Holton Home] has solicited and received donations of money from residents and their family members for the Staff Appreciation Fund and other various facility improvements.”

Holton Home responded: “A policy called 'handling residents' money' has been established. [...] No employee or other considerations connected with the home is allowed to solicit residents for gifts.

“Staff appreciation letters are not given to residents and the wording in future letters will not be written in a way that could be interpreted as a solicitation by family members. A policy on residents' rights and gifts from residents has been added to the staff manual and a copy has been given to all employees.”

Citing her executive-director experience as a qualification for elected office, Ms. Jerome has invited Dummerston, Putney, and Westminster voters to ask ourselves whether such officially documented executive lapses are disqualifications.

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