Jerome: decades of service and leadership

DUMMERSTON — Please vote for Cindy Jerome in the Aug. 14 primary election as one of your two state representatives for District 4 (Dummerston, Putney, Westminster).

I have known Cindy since our children were in kindergarten at the Dummerston School more than 20 years ago. She has my support because of her extensive and deep experience in local government and as a manager and leader of elder-care facilities and other human-service organizations. She brings the experience we need in Montpelier to hit the ground running as our state representative.

Having served on many boards and worked in many organizational systems, I know how essential Cindy's quality of experience is for understanding systems, working collaboratively with others from different backgrounds and perspectives, and arriving thoughtfully and carefully at tough decisions that are always fraught with consequences that perhaps all might not like.

The nature of any governance requires experience and the hard lessons learned from the experience of making policy decisions that one considers best for those one represents. Cindy has over 20 years of just this kind of hard-won experience.

Leading in any organization is not easy; it is not for the faint of heart. Cindy's vast government experience and performance as member and chair of the Dummerston Selectboard, town and school moderator, and other municipal roles clearly make her the right choice in this primary.

We need someone of her caliber and experience to represent us in Montpelier.

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