Stuart: An ‘astute leader for social change and economic growth’

Valerie Stuart has been a colleague, fellow activist, and friend for over 40 years. She has dedicated her life to public service and to do right for her community, Vermont, and country at large. She has made a profound difference in the lives of others.

From her earliest days of organizing nationwide community events to empower individuals as environmental stewards, to her last eight years as a representative in the Vermont State Legislature, Valerie has established herself as an astute leader for social change and economic growth.

Valerie has sponsored many pieces of ground-breaking legislation and served on various committees that will leave a lasting legacy for all Vermonters.

As an incumbent, she knows how Montpelier works - no learning curve required. She has helped to strengthen Vermont's economy and education system and tackled climate change for long-term sustainable solutions. While she has been an admired representative of Windham County, her legislative work has benefited all Vermonters.

Vermont's Planned Parenthood, League of Conservation Voters, and National Education Association have endorsed Valerie, which in my mind are some of the most outstanding and credible endorsements any candidate can receive.

Valerie is smart, savvy, and tough. She is driven by a core set of values that are principled and honest. Above all, Valerie does the right thing.

I urge all of her constituents to vote for her before the Aug. 14 primary and again in November. We need more elected officials like Valerie.

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