Stuart represents the values of West Brattleboro

BRATTLEBORO — I support the re-election of Valerie Stuart for state representative.

Valerie has already served four terms very effectively, representing West Brattleboro in the state Legislature. Her priorities are focusing on the workforce and economic development, as well as job creation, revenue generation, and marketing Vermont small businesses and products, both internally and externally.

She has sponsored 127 bills in the Legislature. The subjects of her bills represent the core values of West Brattleboro.

The bills range from:

• Providing young people with awareness of available job opportunities;

• Giving them the skills necessary to fill the 4,000 jobs currently available;

• Funding economic development plans to encourage our existing industries;

• Providing information outside of Vermont to attract new green industries.

Valerie understands our people's needs and has been very effective in assisting her constituents. She is very knowledgeable about the functions of our many state agencies, which helps her provide her constituents the services they need. Her approach is to have people deal directly with the applicable state agencies in resolving the problems they may be having with the Vermont state government.

A change should be made only when the incumbent is either ineffective or does not represent community values. Valerie Stuart should be reelected.

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