WRMUED, honor the promises to voters

BROOKLINE — Prior to the votes in Windham, Brookline, Newfane, Jamaica, and Townshend, our Act 46 Study Committee explained to us in writing what a “yes” vote for unification would mean:

• “Day-to-day operation of our schools will not change. They will continue to provide a high-quality education for our students.”

• “Students will continue going to their town's elementary school, and then to Leland & Gray.”

• “All five schools will have a school-based advisory committee that will provide feedback to the new, larger board on issues and concerns that are important to their school and town. The membership of these committees is expected to include parents, townspeople, the principal, a member of the board from that town, and any others concerned with the operation of the school.”

With these promises, four of our towns agreed to unify, while Windham opted out.

There are currently two drastic (and, per the July 16 public meeting, unpopular) proposals that would change the nature of our schools. There is now a third proposal that would move our sixth grades to Leland & Gray.

All three proposals violate the first two agreements listed above. Additionally, the advisory committees haven't been given life yet in our schools.

For some reason, the new unified district seems committed to presenting proposals that continually violate the commitments made to our communities when we chose to vote “yes."

Either we were duped then, or we're being disregarded now.

First things first: Our new school district, in presenting any plans to us, should honor their stated commitments to the voters. Otherwise, what use was our participation in the democratic process?

To the newly minted WRMUED: Honor the vote.

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