‘Democracy is practiced here with great respect, challenge, and nurture’

PUTNEY — The just-concluded primary campaign has created a long list of those deserving my thanks for participating in the exercise of our vibrant Vermont democracy:

• My wife, Amelia Struthers, who married into this relationship of public service - service that asks both us and our family to make regular, and sometimes extraordinary, sacrifice in the service of our state.

• Our cohort of campaign workers, who stepped up and offered helping hands for the myriad of tasks. They reminded voters what we've done, and what we hope to do: move Vermont forward.

• The election workers, who set up and staffed the polls through the day, then counted the votes - sometimes late into the night, as was the case in Putney this year.

• And, of course, I heartily wish to thank you, the voters of the Windham-4 district. This was a robust turnout for a primary. Through this process of both discernment and affirmation, we were all reminded that democracy is practiced here with great respect, challenge, and nurture.

As we head to the November elections, join us and help create a blue wave in these green hills.

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