Coffey: honesty, authenticity, and accountability

DUMMERSTON — I am writing this letter in support of Sara Coffey and her campaign for state representative for Windham-1.

These days, I feel as if citizens are holding the values of honesty, authenticity, and accountability at the forefront of their minds when choosing candidates.

After watching Coffey's campaign earlier in the season, and after having the opportunity to speak with her, I am confident that she embodies the values we need in politicians. She has a strong determination to bring communities together as well as the prowess needed to invigorate community members to create dialogue about the issues that matter most to them.

She has a proven track record of being significantly involved in her community; she makes plans, puts them into motion, and makes things happen. We need this energy and motivation in politics at all levels.

One thing in particular struck me during a conversation. She mentioned that through all her canvassing and engagement, she has a renewed hope about the future.

I know a number of folks can feel skeptical and downtrodden about politics on both the federal and state levels. However, it is critical that we as a society hold on to hope in moving forward into a positive future.

To any readers in Vernon or Guilford, please support creating this positive future by casting your vote for Coffey on Nov. 6.

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