Kavanaugh a symptom of the elitist old-boy network

BRATTLEBORO — Brett Kavanaugh is, perhaps, merely a symptom of the elitist old-boy network that such privileged young men are trained to tap into because that's how they get (farther) ahead in life. Go to the right schools, join the right fraternity, and become indoctrinated into the patriarchal, patronizing behaviors that support a power structure which fears (and uses, and presses down upon) women, brown people, trans people, poor people, and others who are outside their club.

Dismantling this oppressive power structure requires campaign finance reform, gerrymandering reform, and overcoming the two-party framework, as well as equal access to the media.

Some advocate for reparations, free higher education, universal healthcare, and/or the elimination of fraternities; but in order to accomplish these things, we need to repair our democratic processes and ensure fairness and diversity in the media.

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