Zuckerman: the essence and personification of a public servant

BRATTLEBORO — As I checked the news just before sitting down to write this letter on behalf of Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman, I learned that the Republican State Leadership Committee, funded by big pharma, the Koch brothers, the National Rifle Association, and many others, has begun dropping $186,000 into television ads attacking Zuckerman, Senate Pro Tem Tim Ashe, and Speaker Mitzi Johnson.

A short while back, the National Association of Realtors approved a contribution of $54,000 from the organization's political action committee to defeat Zuckerman.

These are huge sums of money in state politics. These contributions represent far more than an honest politician, a candidate who truly represents the people, can hope to match.

The average person can hardly match even a small fraction of that to support political campaigns. It is despicable, extremely divisive, and ultimately ruinous to our way of life in Vermont when money is drowning our democracy. When you can, try listening to our elected state officials, including one's own local reps, without wondering if they mean what they say or if the money is talking.

I wholeheartedly endorse Dave Zuckerman for his beliefs, his positions, and his consistent work. He is a farmer himself and zealously tries to protect our land and water. He fights for a high minimum wage and for economic justice so that everyone can have the dignity of supporting themselves.

Since every human being needs the same health care, Zuckerman is focused on universal health care so that no one will ever have to hesitate to get the services they need.

But more than that, I support him because of his integrity.

He, like all Progressive and other candidates who subscribe to Progressive principles, does not take corporate contributions.

We all know that no one gives large sums of money to a candidate without expecting something in return. We know this because we have matched the voting records of politicians to the sources of their campaign funding.

But his integrity extends far beyond the campaign finance arena. Dave is, simply, a genuinely caring, thoughtful, and responsive person. He fully understands Vermont Strong: that to survive and thrive as communities and a state, we have to be looking out for one another. Without bias, without fear, without suspicion.

Dave Zuckerman's goodness extends to the people he doesn't know and to everyone in need - no questions asked. He is the essence and personification of a public servant.

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