Brattleboro-centric exhibit well worth the visit

BRATTLEBORO — There is a fabulous exhibit about Brattleboro in the Vermont Historical Society Museum in Montpelier. The exhibit, titled Brattleboro-The Defining Decades, 1870-1920, has been produced by the Brattleboro Historical Society , the Estey Organ Museum, with installation design by Chris Grotke.

The exhibit has several parts and each section is filled with photos, artifacts, artwork, published and printed materials. There is a large 1896 floor map of downtown Brattleboro; this is a blow-up replica of an original Sandborn Fire Map that identifies buildings, streets, and indicates the location of houses.

The exhibit is open through January, 2019. It is well worth the trip to Montpelier to see this panorama of Brattleboro history.

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