What does graffiti tell visitors about us and our community?

BRATTLEBORO — At Harris Hill Ski Jump there are two sheds on the right as you walk toward the woods and the Ice Pond Trail.

On one side of the bigger shed, spray-painted in letters a foot tall, are the words “tits” and “bitch.” There's also a drawing of a smiling face that looks to be performing fellatio.

With all the preparation for the recent event that draws apparently several thousand people from far and near, did not one of the team members say, “Hmm, that's not really the image we want people - tourists or locals, children or adults - to have of this town”?

No one said, “You know, objectification of and derogatory words about women are not acceptable, I'm going to paint over them”?

How did something like that escape notice, and what does it say about this town that it did?

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