Kids and adults: strike to protest climate change

Climate change is so important because if we don't do something the world will get overheated and it will become unsafe for people to go outside. It is so important that kids are even striking for climate justice.

They are doing something called School Strike for Climate Justice, where kids and adults stop going to school to protest climate change.

Global warming is dangerous. It is causing the world to get overheated, and it will continue to do damage to the Earth if we don't do anything.

There are plenty of good heating choices that are good for the Earth such as geothermal heating, pellet stoves, solar power, and masonry heaters. Some heating sources that aren't good for the Earth are oil and natural gas. These heat sources can cause global warming and overheating.

Greta Thunberg is a 16-year-old activist who strikes for climate change by not attending school. I think she is very inspiring because she has spoken out against the people who basically run the world.

She strikes for climate change by not going to school every week, even though her teachers don't like it.

That is why she is inspiring. I think kids should strike because they are the next generation. One of them will probably be running the world.

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