Trump and Republicans bringing the nation down

BRATTLEBORO — Donald Trump views other people's money as a tool he can use. It doesn't matter if he defaults on his loans, because with creative bookkeeping and manipulated tax returns he still comes out ahead - the hell with those he owes money to.

That is the same kind of attitude that makes him attractive to the Republicans and their history of liking supply-side economics.

The 1 percent can default on their tax obligation to their nation, using tax cuts, loopholes, and deductions to pay very little or nothing at all for taxes.

The government has to provide services to the nation, most especially our national security, on a credit card, borrowing what we need to keep the government going. Who, by the way, is one of our creditors? China.

The national debt, not to mention the deficit, is at an all-time high, and the government of China and the Arabs, who loan money to the U.S. government, will virtually own the United States, if they don't already.

This has been going on for a while, but Trump is really putting it over the top. All of his corrupt acts are also being protected by the Republicans, whose tax and monetary policies have put us in this situation.

The Republicans are bringing our nation down because it will feather the pockets of their benefactors. The hard-core Trumpsters, wearing their Red Hats, support Trump not for economic reasons, but because they feed upon his hate and divisiveness.

Their ignorance will contribute to the destruction of our nation.

The pundits on all the news talk shows are arguing over who among the Democratic candidates will be the best president for our nation. Actually, any of them would be smart enough to do a good job, as long as they pick a good cabinet.

The thing these pundits should be concerned about is that the Democrats discuss the issues and inform the public of what is at stake if the Dems don't win.

We have experienced three major periods in our history that would determine whether our nation would have a future: the Revolution, the Civil War, and the Great Depression. Now we are experiencing the age of the oligarch, and if their representatives are not put out of power we will be experiencing a new regime that is not anywhere near democratic.

The Constitution is going to be unrecognizable. It is being changed by the appointment of radically conservative justices, not just on the Supreme Court, but within the federal court system, whose interpretive decisions will run contrary to the purposes and spirit of the Constitution.

A U.S. dictatorship won't take place by the use of firearms, but by the actions of clever crooks who wrap themselves in the flag, carry a Bible, and manipulate the law for their benefit.

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