Conscientious driving takes little effort

BRATTLEBORO — As recently as this morning, I have again reminded myself to state my thoughts on this subject.

Awaiting traffic at a stop sign on a side street near the Oak Grove School, a newer model pickup truck traveling on Clark Avenue passed in front of me.

As I proceeded to take a right-hand turn, the truck just stopped in front of a house right there on that corner, no advance warning, no turn signal, and gratefully, no accident occurred.

In today's world, we have little control over much in our lives, yet in this particular instance, we do have that ability - a personal responsibility to others - and it is really quite simple. Turn signals are installed in vehicles for all the right reasons. It takes little effort to use them.

Aren't we all busy? Sure we are. In recent motor trips across our beautiful United States, I have witnessed this dangerous phenomenon on every street and highway I have traveled.

Recent studies by the Society of Automotive Engineers state there are at least two million roadway accidents each year because someone was too busy or just forgot to use their turn signal. Even more than texting!

So fellow drivers, just do it. You'll find satisfaction: with just one conscious motion, just one small act, you can be a part of safety on the roads and in the meantime be recognized for just a little thoughtful human kindness, at least by this author.

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